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Try the mySlimCup revolution for 30 days, Satisfied (or) Reimbursed

Say goodbye to that cupboard-full of lotions and potions. mySlimCup can help reduce the appearance of bumps and dimples by gently massaging the skin. It works by creating a vacuum, gently drawing the skin up into the cup, giving your skin a relaxing workout.  

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Just 5 Minutes A Day!

A perfect tool to get rid of cellulite "Naturally"


  • Removes Cellulite! Use once a day with massage oil for a maximum of 10 minutes. You’ll notice firmer, tighter skin with a reduced appearance of cellulite.
  • Improved Circulation! Our cups are modelled as those in traditional Chinese treatments but offer more flexibility for ease of use. Circulation is improved, and so is the texture of your skin.
  • Break down fat deposits! As the cups glide over the body they draw the skin into a vacuum, activating circulation and breaking down fat deposits that cause skin dimples
  • Reduce Inches! With a proper diet plan, our cupping massage therapy kit will help you shed inches and look and feel your best ever!  

What to expect?


How to use?

Step 1:
Apply any Massage Oil & lubricate the treatment area

Step 2: Squeeze the cup and place it at the bottom of the massage area

Step 3: Massage the area for 5 mins in Straight, Zigzag & Circular motion

Step 4: Hydrate well after the treatment

 Areas suitable for Anti-Cellulite Massage



    • Do not use on skin with Varicose veins, Spider veins or skin problems (allergies, wounds, burns, recent stretch marks, etc.).
    • Do not use in case of venous or circulatory problems, or under anticoagulant treatment.
    • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    • If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

    Size: 55mm x 55mm | Color: Crystal Pink