How to Use?

Areas suitable for myslimcup

**Please read Product Recommendations & Precautions below before trying Cupping Massage


How to use the myslimcup?

Step 1:

Apply massage oil (or) soap+water to treatment area and lubricate well

Step 2:

Squeeze & place the massage cup at the bottom of the massage area

Step 3:

Massage the area in straight line from bottom to top for 1 Min

Step 4:

Massage the area in Zig Zag pattern for 2 Mins, remember always bottom to top

Step 5:

Now massage the area in small circular motion for 2 Mins. Thats it! you are done 

**Hydrate sufficiently, Drink at-least 2 glasses of water after every session

Tips for proper usage
  • Slightly, painful bruising is common with this technique in the first one to two weeks. With regular use, pain and bruising diminish and firmer and smoother skin is revealed.
  • To avoid bruising/redness, Start slow with minimal suction power and gradually increase suction every day to let your skin get used to it.
  • Only use with massage oils or with soap in the bath
  • Never go back & forth without releasing the cup. Always massage in one direction only "Bottom → Top" to respect the direction of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Use it daily to bring about your best results.
Recommendations & precautions
Do not use if-
  • If you have malignant or benign tumor, cancer.
  • If you have varicose veins or spider veins in the treated area.
  • If you are suffering with fever and inflammatory state.
  • After taking oral and / or injectable anticoagulant.
  • In case of high blood pressure.
  • If you experience dermatological diseases, skin lesions, sores, burns.
  • If you have blood diseases, circulatory diseases.
  • If you experience allergic reactions, eczema including contact eczema.
  • If you have a large number of moles (beauty spots) on the treatment area.
  • Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Do not use if under 16 years old.
  • Do not use on the injection zones if you have insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Do not use after UV or sun exposure.
  • Keep out of reach of children or animals.
**If in doubt, seek advice from a medical professional
How to treat different areas of your body?

Facial-Cupping Precautions
  • DON'T let it sit in place; that can cause bruising. Keep it moving! The forehead and eye areas are more prone to bruising, and the thicker fleshy areas are less so.
  • DO lube up the skin. Get a lot of slip on there—more than you think you need. 
  • DO use low suction. With clear silicone cups, you can see how much skin you're taking up with the suction. Keep the little mounds very low, especially if it's your first time doing it at all or doing it yourself. To use a metaphor, if you were vacuuming the carpet, you'd want it to be on the lowest setting possible. 
  • DON'T do facial cupping with certain conditions. Don't do cupping on any areas that have broken capillaries. If you're prone to broken capillaries, facial cupping probably isn't for you. If you have blood disorders, anemia, or if you're prone to bruising, you want to check with your doctor before trying facial cupping. Also, if you have a history of blood clotting or embolism issues, you should also steer clear of cupping. Don't go over the veins in your neck. They have their own job to do, and the cupping will interfere with that.
  • DON'T do facial cupping more than twice a week. It's a very effective treatment but also very intensive and can negatively affect the skin's elasticity with overuse.
How to use Facial Cups?